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Do you remember when you were little and the buzz of excitement you felt the days surrounding your birthday? Anticipating the gifts, the party, and the cake. My daughter turned two today and in just a few short days is my birthday. I’ve been excited to celebrate her. Totally caught up in the wonderment that surrounded her birthday. We hosted a football party at our house this past weekend. Friends came and sang “Happy Birthday” and presents were exchanged. The smile on my little girls face could not be brighter. She continues to sing “Happy to you” to her self all throughout the day.

I couldn’t help but notice that the excitement surrounding my birthday had begun to fade over the years. I went from anticipating it to in some ways dreading it as I realize the years are passing by too quick.

I’m all about living a life of intention and awareness. To know what you want, have a plan to go get it, and find accountability. Because if we live without intention the years really do pass us by. The dreaded mid-life crisis will come as we look back and ask ourselves: “What have I done with my life?”

We should never stop celebrating our birthdays…our lives… No matter how old we are or how fast the years pass. Each day, each birthday is a gift that someone else wishes they were going to have.

My biggest goal this year is to not have the same goals next year. In other words, I want to do everything I set my mind to do this year. Not perfectly, but I want to try. Last year I made a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish during this year. As I look back over that list, reminiscing about the wine and the laughs that helped make up that list, I couldn’t help but feel sad. I feel sad because I didn’t accomplish half of those things. I didn’t put myself out there in a way that made me vulnerable, scared, electric, and alive.

I’ve decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself or bad about the fact that I didn’t accomplish those goals I would work towards living intentionally this year. Choosing goals that stretched me, sharing those goals, and crushing them.

I’ve started my list of 31 things. I’ll be sharing them in the days to come. I encourage you to start a list. It’s now my birthday tradition. You have to choose goals that scare you, drive you, and give you a sense of awe that matches the number of years you have been alive.

Happy birthday my friends! Happy birthday to me! Let’s go crush these goals and inspire others along the way to live intentionally.

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  1. You’re certainly an inspiration to strive towards intentional living. I look forward to regularly checking-in to borrow from your insights! Great article!

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