“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

This is not passive. No, guarding your heart requires action. All day every day you will be bombarded with messages that take you down a path that isn’t right for you. We can walk around and be fed lies without even knowing it. Look at how great job advertising does to make us believe that we are not enough without that makeup, wardrobe, or perfect body.   We intentionally pour the thoughts and beliefs of others into ourselves by what we read, watch, and who we spend time with.

What we take in everyday eventually shapes our thoughts. If we are constantly hearing negative messages we will spit out negative messages. Those negative messages we send out will attract more negative messages and around and around we go. Our thoughts eventually develop into dominant stories. We each have many dominant stories. A dominant story is a main theme that plays out in our minds on a given topic. For example, when it comes to pursuing your dream your dominant story is that you will never measure up or have the talent someone else does. Our perception becomes our reality!

Our thoughts then shape our words and behaviors. I believe that I’m capable of taking on this opportunity. I may feel scared but my belief is that I am capable to take on a new challenge. Then in all likelihood I will find a way to do it, even if it is hard. So many of us sit on the sidelines because we believe that someone else is always better than us. That “normal” people like me don’t get those opportunities. It must be so easy for them but for me it would be too hard! Therefore we don’t even try.

3 Steps you can take to change your life:

  1. Guard your mind by seeking wisdom (resources below)
  2. Adjust your thinking by using the positive opposite technique (take a negative thought i.e. “I’m not capable” and either write or say the opposite “I’m able to take on this challenge”
  3. Discipline your tongue to use words that are positive and edifying to both yourselves and those who are listening to what you say.


  1. First and foremost I turn to the Bible. This may seem really daunting for some of you and it can be for me too. Try doing a topical search. If you’re struggling with doubt you can research scriptures on doubt in your internet browser or look up the words in the concordance at the back of your Bible. Write these scriptures down. Try that for any topic you may be struggling with.
  2. “Experiencing God” workbook by Blackaby
  3. “If you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat” by John Ortberg
  4. “Girl Code” Cara Alwill Leyba
  5. “Style Your Mind” by Cara Alwill Leyba
  6. “Playing Big” by Tara Mohr
  7. “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero

These are just a few books that I have read that have shaped who I’ve become. The books I’m reading right now are:

  1. Business Boutique by Christy Wright
  2. Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole

Fill your mind with things things that build you up and push you outside of your comfort zone. Be careful of who you allow in your inner circle and the people you allow to speak into your life.

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