You Are Magical

You really are made for something extremely special and unique. No one on this earth can contribute to this time in the way that you can! Other people may do what you do but no one does it just like you.

What lights your soul on fire when you do it? Those things aren’t little or insignificant. They are you and practicing those things that light up your soul influences everyone around you. When we are truly walking in our gifting we change the world.

Take it a step further though. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but are putting off or too afraid to do it? Try it just once. You may feel silly or incapable but just do it.

For years I’ve talked about starting this site, making videos, and writing books. I felt the nudge to finally write, then the nudge to make videos, then opening up coaching, and now creating webinars, writing a book, and creating a program for helping people connect to their purpose and inject joy into their lives.

I could have made a million excuses to wait for a better a time. I was so sick of putting this gift on the sidelines and letting fear take over. You know what? It’s been awesome. Every time I write or Vlog I feel super self conscious. The fear always gives in and I contemplate stopping. Instead I force myself to do more and move forward.

Read great books, connect with great people, and most importantly Get Accountability! You’re dreams are meant to be put on the shelf. Get out there and start living friends. Then leave a map for others to follow!

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