Failure Isn’t An Option

We give ourselves so many outs and excuses for not finishing what we start. At the beginning is this electric energy of possibility. The days wear on and the inner critic tells us it’s useless, take a break, or put it off for a better day. What lies are you feeding yourself today? The funny thing about it is we have complete control over how our brain perceives the information it receives. It takes time but we can turn around our perspective. Which also changes the way we live and interact with others.

Tell yourself the truth about your situation. Whether you believe it or not right now. Feed truth to your mind and soul. Tell yourself that you can take this mountain in front of you. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful, capable, smart, and talented. Why? Because regardless of the situation you’re in right now all of those things I said above are true about you.

Fill yourself up today. Smile even when you feel like frowning. Dance when you feel like sleeping. Fill your mind with empowering words from speakers and friends. Write down the words you want your mind to believe. Create something beautiful through drawing, painting, or coloring. Surround yourself with the beauty of the holiday season.

Ask yourself what you need right now. Then give yourself the treat of meeting those needs.

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