Be A Rebel

Can we all just love each other despite our differences in opinions? Can we forgive those who hurt us so we can be free from the bondage in our minds? Don’t run with the crowd of least resistance. Stand out from the crowd shining your light for all to see. Our world needs people who are fierce, loving, passionate, and compassionate.

Don’t take the road everyone else takes. Go with the resistance. Pursue your dream. It will be difficult and it will take time. You will feel discourage and unrecognized. People may laugh at you and tell you you can’t. Prove them wrong. Surround yourself every day with new people. Say hi to a stranger in the elevator. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know. Get to know people who are different from you and watch your mind expand.

We hate what we don’t understand. Don’t go along with what every one else is doing. Don’t exclude your self from living and full and rich life. Get out of the rat race and do things differently from what you’ve always done.

I promise you’ll be happier for it.

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