Mind Power

We drink the poison our minds pour for us and wonder why we feel so sick. -Atticus

Every year I have the same goals: Get fit, spend less, travel more, write a book and practice gratitude. If you noticed, I said every year because I constantly fall short of these goals. Why? Because I cling to my emotions too tightly. I allow my mind to control my actions instead of me controlling my mind to act.

Confused? Our brains are divided right down the middle into the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere is the here and now part of our brain. It processes passion and intense emotion. The left hemisphere of our brains processes facts and keep us in the past which can then project anxiety into our future. Both sides of the brain are important and necessary. However, I began asking myself, “which side of my brain do I spend the most time in?” Truth be told I’m either always living in the past or in the future. Processing details and recalling memories to try and ascertain what to do about any given subject. In other words, I have a hard time slowing down, being present, and experiencing sustainable pleasure. Sound familiar?

All the goals I’ve set for myself come at a cost. Same for you. We have to give up something or step outside our comfort zone. We start out ready and motivated to end up a week later calling it quits.

So how do I change this behavior? By controlling your mind. 

Know how your mind works. Stop and figure out what emotions you’re experiencing and the way your mind processes those emotions, and the behaviors that follow. We walk through life pretty much unaware of the crap our minds feed us. Our left hemisphere is there to protect and helps us but it can hold us back if we don’t exercise the right hemisphere of our brains.

I love the quote: “Stop thinking about all that could go wrong, instead think of all the things that could go right.”

When you think about a goal that is important to you use the following language:

It hurts to exercise but I can’t wait to see how strong my body truly is and the crazy things I can do.

Its difficult to find the time to dream, write, and plan but I’m ready to invest in myself and see how my hard work changes the lives of others.

Saving my money instead of spending it feels like a sacrifice but I know I’ll love knowing I can travel and pay my bills instead of working just to pay back credit cards.

Name how it feels in the temporary and identify how it will feel in the future once you accomplish those goals. Many of us make really big goals and live constantly in the future: I’ll be happy when… Goals are accomplished by what you do every day. Get serious about your daily reflection -ask yourself daily questions that keep you focused on your goals. Feed yourself a steady stream of motivation by following people on social media that inspire you, hire a coach, and read motivational books. What you feed your mind will shape you.

You can change your life immediately by simply changing your perspective. Cheers to big things this year for all of us!

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