The Birth of Dreams

A thought came to me today that our dreams can very much resemble the labor process. When my dream was planted in my heart I allowed it to grow with anticipation and fear. Through years of ups and downs the dream stayed firmly planted-growing in the dark.

The day is here and the pains have started. No longer can these dreams stay hidden but must now be called into existence. Made known, shared, and be for the benefit of those God has placed in my life. It’s uncomfortable because what is hidden cannot be hurt. What is hidden is kept safe from the elements.

There is a season for everything but every season comes to end to usher in the new. Are you standing at end of a season knowing it is time to move forward? Do you feel the growing pains? Excitement mixed with fear as this will change your entire life.

”For we know the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now… but if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.” Romans 8:22,25

The world is waiting for our gifts. God has birthed a dream in you to glorify Him and bring a lost world back to Life. There is pain in this process. Beautiful things come out of sorrow.

Step out into you dreams. Call them into existence. Share them with others. The time is now!

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