Change your life today. This very minute. Create new surroundings. You do this by changing your language. Our whole realities are made up by the words we use to describe our lives. Things will never be perfect. Someone else’s life will always seem more exciting, appealing, and peaceful.

Construct for yourself a world of beauty, grace, opportunity, and wealth. Look at everything you have as a gift. If not a gift, see it as a valuable lesson.

Breathe new life into every situation. Seek God continually and with expectation. Grow in love, peace, and grace by remembering how much of those things God has given you. Accept His love, learn His truths, and walk in obedience which leads to freedom.

Hurting people, hurt people. Forgive them. Overlook an offense. Gather for yourselves great teachers and mentors to speak into your life. Get outside more and experience the simple beauty all around you.

Today is a new day. This moment you’re  in is ripe for a new perspective. There’s no better time to make a change then right now.


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