Pencil Yourself In

Don’t call it a dream-call it a plan!

You always make it work. No matter what you’re being asked to do or how cramped your schedule is you find a way to meet the needs of those around you. But who takes care of you? Who meets your needs? Many of us get into relationships or have children because we think in some way this person will make everything “complete”. While these relationships are wonderful and life-giving, they can also distract us from our own needs and desires.

You must take time to pencil yourself into your schedule. Take time to think about the things you’ve always wanted to try or the do the activities that have brought you joy, peace, and rest. Don’t keep waiting for all the right circumstances to align. Remember that whatever you want to make happen-you will. Many of us like to feel like martyrs- “oh, woe is me. I’m so busy. You wouldn’t believe what my schedule has been like lately…” Sound familiar? We all do it. Because busyness is relatable.

What if you changed the dialogue? What if when someone asked you what you did today you said, “I took an art class, read a book, ate lunch alone, and stayed in bubble bath with a glass of wine.” Imagine the shock and crazy looks on peoples faces! Having a vibrant and successful life, relationship, and career doesn’t mean you have to run yourself into the ground. I guarantee that as you pause, meditate, and make a plan for how to start having fun you’ll find that you can do even more than what you’re already doing. How? Because as we increase our joy, connection, and passion activities our priorities come more into focus and we begin to only take on projects that really need our attention.

How will you have fun this week?

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