Just Do It

I’ve often thought that if I tried really hard to accomplish something I could do it. Sometimes you can work really hard and not see the result you were hoping for. Do you give up? Do you keep going? How do you know when you’re off track? For years I’ve had the goal of writing a book and never sat down to make the time to finish it. I’ll start but never finish. Am I lazy? Do I not have enough experience or content? I don’t want to be a person who continually doesn’t finish what I start. I don’t want to become easily discouraged because things aren’t going my way or they’re too hard.

How do you want to be remembered? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? I want to be remember for constantly going for my goals. I want my goals to reflect my priorities of love and inclusion. I want people to feel a peaceful, yet inspiring presence when they’re with me and long after we’ve parted.

I say all that to say that you won’t always feel like doing what you want or need to do. Most times its never going to feel comfortable or easy or worth it. On Sunday’s I’ve committed to sitting down for 5 minutes and making a self-care success plan for the week ahead. I write down each domain of my life: emotional, physical, spiritual health, and career. What do I want to accomplish this week in each of those domains on a daily basis or just one small goal that will move me forward for the week.

I started off the first two days of the week with a lot of gumption. A desire to complete each of my goals and it felt great. I was finally starting to feel like I was making progress in areas I was once stagnant in. Then today I didn’t feel like doing any of the things I committed to doing. I rationalized not doing any of them and I was pretty convincing. But that would be giving up on myself. That wouldn’t be helping me, it would be harming me. So with very little motivation and a strong desire to quit, I did all of them anyways. Not perfectly and certainly not with a lot of joy.

I’m ending the day with a lot of pride and a sense of accomplishment. Not with guilt and remorse. The results don’t come after the first two days. Results come after months and years of doing what you didn’t always feel like doing. So in the words of Nike, “Just Do It!”

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