Make It Happen

I’ve been learning a lot about priorities lately. Not that anything new has come up but with a busy season in life I often wonder, “how can I do it all?” I don’t aspire to be superwoman but I have a lot of dreams, ideas, and pursuits to accomplish. I bet you do too!

So, what have I learned about priorities in the past few weeks?

1. You can do what you want and need to do by believing you can. Stop seeing roadblocks and start looking for solutions and creative scheduling.

2. Know what’s leading the charge! Is it fear, need for approval, perfectionism, or true passion pulling you towards the things in your schedule (or the things that aren’t on your schedule but should be)?

3. Your mind and how you describe your schedule, dreams, and goals play a huge role in your ability to prioritize your life. Be aware of what comes out of your mouth or the thoughts that run through your mind. Don’t be easily fooled into being over-scheduled or to lack of action. Hold the power over your thoughts and verbage. Speak life, love, beauty into everything you put in your schedule.

4. Take the first step- sit down and make your dreams a priority. Write down the things you’d like to see in your schedule, get out your calendar, move things around, and make it happen. Thinking solves little but making a plan takes you farther.

The biggest change for me was changing my attitude, telling me myself “you can do this!”, and setting aside time each week with my planner and making it work.

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