Get Out of the Boat

I am absolutely scared to death!

The call of God on each of our lives takes us way out into the unknown. Have you stopped to notice the opportunities opening up around you? Does your schedule reflect time to take pause and just reflect?

Everyday I’m being presented with opportunities that make me shake in my boots. Pulling me towards a destination I desperately want but requires giant steps of faith. The fullness of the call isn’t seen in a glimpse. I have just a taste of what is ahead for me. Maybe you do to? Have you felt pulled towards something so out of your element it scares you?

You can never have anything you won’t reach out and grab. In the story of Peter walking on water he saw Jesus out in the waves. I huge storm was breaking but he saw and glimpse and had to make the leap. Hands shaking but focused fixed he got out of the boat. He only sunk into the waves when he lost focus.

Many of us tend to focus on the part in the story where Peter lost his focus and sank. But the true heart of that story for me was Peter taking that first step. One of my favorite books from John Ortberg is If you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat. Peter had great courage and focus to take that first step. Most of the time I don’t even have that kind of courage. I know what I should do and still don’t do it. Why? Fear of the unknown. Fear I don’t have what it takes. Fear that I’ll make a mess of things. Fear that I might actually be successful… to remain successful you have to keep getting out of the boat. Maybe the real fear is not this first step but the many steps you’ll have to keep taking.

In my time with God today a particular theme came up. If I know the call on my life then I must be loyal to it. We are here at this time and in this place to make a difference. To change the course of someones life. You can only take other people as far as you’re willing to go. The greatest work starts with you, the influence comes after.

If not now, when?

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