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I’m gushing with excitement for one of my close friends! She is releasing her second book and its a home run! Ronel Sidney and I connected over many cups of coffee sharing our hopes and dreams. She has a message all of us can relate to. Her heart and passion is to see women feel truly connected to God by having authentic connection with others.

It’s vital to be connected to other people who see your potential and challenge you to run towards it. People who will see you at your worst, relate, and motivate you to get back up again. In her new book, Freestyle Faith: Around the Table, Ronel helps you dive deeper into conversations with other women that inspire authenticity and spiritual growth. The layout is truly unique as it centers around something the majority of us can’t live without-coffee. I loved this book so much I read it in one day. The devotional will encourage you and the questions will inspire you.

God has laid an intense passion on her heart to see people connect and grow in the context of small gatherings and even on the little league baseball field. Through her diverse experiences in childhood, military career, and writer, Ronel argues that we don’t just find God on Sundays inside of a building. She shares that God is so much bigger than we can comprehend and His ways of connecting with us can even happen in the most unexpected places.

Want an easy way to connect, learn, and grow? I highly recommend you get some women together, brew some coffee, and get ready for some great conversations!

You can pre-order her book now (release date 4/13/2018) at:

More about the author of Freestyle Faith: Around the Table

Ronel Sidney was born and raised in Northern California but, has made San Diego home with here husband and son. She has a business degree and works as a contractor for the United States Navy. As the National Director of Praise and Coffee she has a passion for encouraging women to share life and faith outside religious obligation.29027930_10216029252387552_7038301390585724928_n

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