A Colorless Life

I’ve been pulled back into the past. Indulging in memories from many years ago, people I haven’t spoken to in many years. The hopes and dreams of my younger days. I keep wondering what my younger self would think if she saw where I am today. Would she be surprised? I had so many aspirations when I was in my 20s. Now that I’ve transitioned to a new decade I often wonder if any of those hopes and dreams from years past were foolish or if I’ve just gotten to comfortable in the expectations of our culture.

Someone once told me that my choices would lead me to a colorless life. Those words have haunted me for over a decade. Every time I’m excited or living life to the full those words come back to me. Some of you may think that those words were harmful. I’m so grateful for them. It was those words and that person who shaped the person I am today.

I want my life to be full of color, expectation, and excitement. I want the same thing for every person I’ve ever met. I wish that for the author of those original words. I wish to say thank you. That if you ever read this, you’ll know I’m forever grateful.

Everyday I get to do what I love. I’m finding joy, gratitude, awareness, and yes-color in every conversation. People and their words can only have power over you if you allow it. You also get to decide if that power will be used for good or for bad. I hope you take every thing meant for pain and turn it around for good. I hope you treasure every experience you’ve walked through because it makes you-you. I pray that all the scars you’ve collected become stories you share with others to prove that healing is possible.

I pray you live in full color!

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