You’re Getting Distracted!

I’m picking up my phone to play on Facebook as I’m trying to write the first sentence of this blog. Ridiculous. Why? Because for whatever reason the blinking line causes me anxiety and I feel like bolting. This isn’t new for me either. Whether its working on a presentation, the few hours before I speak in public, or writing something meaningful to me I get super anxious and I want to shut down. Stop the onslaught of emotions, sweating, and racing heart.

You may feel like me. When it comes down to doing the things you love you instantly get distracted. Now this can look different for everyone. For me it was years of busyness and a schedule full of things that didn’t really matter to me. I said yes to whatever came my way to fill up my time so subconsciously I could use the excuse of “I just don’t have the time” for all the things I really did want to do.

Get caught up in unhealthy relationships, romantic or platonic? Keep thinking about someone at work or the crumby boss you have? Distractions. When we focus our attention on other people and what they’re doing or not doing we’re inevitably distracting ourselves of taking responsibility for our lives and actions.

If you hate doing something or don’t find any value in it- STOP doing it. If there are relationships in your life that you keep you stuck instead of moving forward- SEEK support and DESIGN a plan of either healing those relationships or removing yourself from them.

Start getting serious about the things that really matter to you. Self-care is the discipline of staying connected with yourself. That may mean making some serious changes to your schedule! Be fully online with your life. Loving and present in every moment of it. Cherishing the lessons learned and the peace and joy that each moment may bring.

What’s distracting you?

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