Getting to Know Me

Last year I wrote an introduction blog to be considered as a writer for Boss Babe. The article was all about pursuing what you love and giving up the need for it to be perfect. While going through some of my old files today I found that blog. I’m happy to report I was chosen to be a contributing writer for their site. I’m sad to report, I never wrote a single piece for them.

Why am I telling you this? While I’ve taken hold of some of my biggest goals, there are others I’ve left behind. In an effort to get back to my creative side, I’ve decided to write for 5 minutes a day about whatever pops into my head. Feel free to try this exercise for yourself and share with me should you feel inclined. To top it off I’m sharing my first 5 minutes with ya’ll!

Here it goes:

I always have endless loops of thoughts circling around my head. When I’m going about my day I think of random titles for books and blog posts. I give amazing speeches in the shower. I have big dreams for myself and I know so little time to accomplish them all. I worry that if I don’t start making things happen now I never will. I wake up every morning excited for what the day holds because I’m living in my sweet spot. I’m living on a prayer. I used to love order and perfection and my life looks nothing like that. My schedule and moods change constantly throughout the day. However, my outfit, hair, and makeup will always be on point. Every single day. I will go out with a great girlfriend no matter how tired I am to drink and laugh hysterically. I want people to just be themselves when they’re with me. Not comparing. Not worried about what I think or what anyone else thinks because none of that really matters. I wish I could runaway somedays and walk the streets of Paris with a coffee in my hand and a journal in my purse. If I’m being honest I’ve always fantasized about being an actress in a Hallmark movie. Ridiculous I know but maybe one day I will be, because why the hell not? My biggest fitness goal right now is to have a six-pack but I have to lay off the bread and cheese I love so much, not to mention wine, sugar, and some more sugar. I have this crazy fear that I’ll actually accomplish everything I hope to and at the same exact time I fear I never will.

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