Do you get stuck in the same routines daily? Everyday bleeds into the next with the same monotonous activities and chores. Mine did for a very long time. When you struggle with anxiety its easy to find peace and comfort in the normal rhythm and routine of the day. We find our security in consistency. I often wonder if that’s really how we’re supposed to live. For some seasons of our lives it may be, but should it be the description that characterizes most of our lives?

The thought of change often floods us with the feeling of being overwhelmed and incapable. Over the past few weeks I’ve had that feeling of overwhelm. It surges through me and I feel like hiding, shutting down, or giving up. In those moments I tell myself that in a week from now it won’t feel so overwhelming and that soon it will be routine. Changing my thought process has helped me overcome some big hurdles and step out into unchartered territory.

Everything I thought was difficult has now become second nature. We tend to not move forward because in many ways we fear being incapable. At the beginning of something new you will be making mistakes and you will feel incapable, but not for long.

Don’t get in the habit of letting your brain live on auto-pilot. Trying new activities that are out of your element and comfort zone give you a deeper understanding of yourself. I say try one new thing a day! If you are doing things day in and day out that you are the expert in than you’re getting too comfortable. The feeling of overwhelm and discomfort means your growing.

What new thing will you try today?

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