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Do you remember when love came easy and life seemed full of possibility? When conversations seemed to free-flow and you couldn’t get enough time together? New adventures seemed to make up your evenings and weekends. Somewhere along the line you started drifting apart. Conversations became more about work, household responsibilities, and children. Sex isn’t fun anymore and only one or neither one of you initiates it anymore.

I know you want to have better communication. The truth is we usually don’t disconnect over big transitions or upsets. We become disconnected over little things. There isn’t enough time in the day or energy for one another. Slowly over time we forget who we are and who are partner is. You may find yourself in a situation where you feel more like roommates then lovers.

Marriage counseling is more about rebuilding a connection between you then just hashing out what upset you about your partner. Its about rekindling the spark that led you two together in the first place. Making one another a priority again. Using scientifically-based research from John Gottman and attachment work by Susan Johnson we will create a relationship that can last. Together we’ll build a strong foundation of friendship, increase fondness and admiration, develop more positive interactions, learn how to communicate effectively, and build dreams for the future. Since every relationship is unique, all my clients received custom solution plans that fit their needs and goals.

I specialize in high-conflict couples, healing after an affair, and sex therapy. I know things may feel frustrating and hopeless when you first start researching counselors but there is hope for you and your partner. Through the ground-breaking research by John Gottman there is an understanding of what makes marriages work. With the right tools, understanding, and motivation you can design the meaningful, passionate, and connected relationship you’re hoping for.

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