Pre-Marital Therapy

There are secrets to a long and happy marriage! Maybe secrets isn’t the right word. Parents
and friends have a lot of great advice to give about keeping your partner happy. What does
research tell us about last relationships?

Believe it or not there is a blueprint and a solid understanding of what makes long term relationships work. You won’t always be happy. Your partner will upset you. You’re both human. So how do you stay together even when times get tough? How do you prepare for the ups and downs of marriage?

Your relationship is in a good place! You’re excitedly planning the big day. Lets take some time together to explore the strengths you and and your partner bring to the relationship. During our
time together, using the research by John Gottman, we will assess what aspects of your relationship are in great shape and others that need some support.

Here is what I look for when working with pre-marital couples:

  •  Friendship- What is your time like when you’re together and how often do you spend time just being in one another’s world?
  • Building Fondness & Admiration- Do you tell your partner what you appreciate about them?
  • Know your and your partners needs and being able to have those needs met more often than not.
  • Healthy conflict- Do you know how to share your feelings and needs in a way that bonds you as a couple or do things go unsaid and swept under the rug?
  • Dreams for the future- How do you keep that sense of awe and wonder in your relationship for the long-haul?

When you learn the principles of a healthy relationship you stay connected, fight fair, and grow
together. We’ll also talk about self-care and emotional regulation to keep you connected to
yourself when blending your two lives together.

I specialize in high-conflict couples, healing after an affair, and sex therapy. I know things may feel frustrating and hopeless when you first start researching counselors but there is hope for you and your partner.

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