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I hate the word “normal”. Normal is boring, status-quo. I’m passionate about designing a life that makes you excited to wake up every morning and building vibrant relationships that are passionate, inspiring, and fulfilling.

With coaching we won’t be looking for what’s going wrong-we’ll be too busy figuring out your dream life. We will build a vision for what your career, relationships, and interests look like. Together, we’ll break down the bigger vision into attainable and trackable steps so that you see your progress.

Whether you want to start your own business, change the way you think about money, start dating again, write your own book, or reconnect with yourself again-coaching is for you! I work with couples and individuals around the world using up-to-date technology and resources to design a life that makes a difference.

I specialize in high-conflict couples, healing after an affair, and sex therapy. I know things may feel frustrating and hopeless when you first start researching counselors but there is hope for you and your partner.