Sex Therapy

Its no secret that sex is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship. I want you and your
partner to have a passionate and satisfying sexual relationship. I believe that the quality of a
couples sex life has a direct correlation to the quality of the emotional connection between the
couple. Together we will look at the relationship and quality of self-care of both partners to
identify factors that may be contributing to low sex drive, impotency, and lack of sexual

Here are the things we will work on together in session:

  • Sexual health history for both partners
  • Learn how to identify and communicate needs regarding sex
  • Rule out physical factors related to sexual dysfunction
  • Gain resources and tools for increasing sexual connection and satisfaction levels

I specialize in high-conflict couples, healing after an affair, and sex therapy. I know things may feel frustrating and hopeless when you first start researching counselors but there is hope for you and your partner.

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A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Georgetown, TX.